V98 Conformable Prismatic Reflective Tape

Oralite V98 Conformable Prismatic Reflective Tape – (Click to go to our Online Store)

Our Oralite V98 prismatic reflective tape is a conformable product that is designed for striping emergency vehicles and other surfaces where compound curves, rivets or weld lines present a challenge.  V98 is a very strong and very bright reflective material.  We carry it in white, blue, fluorescent lime yellow and red.  Other colors are available on request.  V98 is going to be comparable to a Type 4  or Type 5 tape. The reflectivity of each color is as follows.

  • White – 750 candelas
  • Blue – 55 candelas
  • Fluorescent Lime -420 candelas
  • Red – 130 candelas

White and blue are used to create chevron panels and standard reflective striping on ambulances and other vehicles.  Red and Fluorescent Lime Yellow are used to create the same chevron stripes on fire apparatus per the NFPA 1901 specification.

The picture below shows our V98 film applied to diamond treadplate.  You can see how it is able to conform over the diamonds.  Other tapes are not able to do this.

The photo above shows our V98 Fluorescent Lime and Red tape as well as some of the shapes we cut from the material at reflectiveshapes.com.

Our V98 reflective conformable tape can be purchased at colebrothers.com (fluorescent lime yellow, white, blue, red) or reflectiveshapes.com .