Retro Reflective Tape for Horse, Cattle and Livestock Trailers

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Horse and livestock trailers need to be seen day and night.  Because of the cargo they carry any collision can be catastrophic.  It is for this reason that they need to be equipped with bright reflective tape.  Standard DOT tape like the type seen to the left is recommended for the lower parts of the trailer.  For other parts of the trailer several types of reflective tape can be used. Marking the entire outline of the trailer makes it much more visible.  Instead of a slim 2″ line of reflective dot tape they have an entire outline to see.  This makes a huge difference especially at night.

DOT tape is prismatic and very bright.  For the upper portions and back of the trailer you can use the same DOT tape or less expensive tapes. A prismatic tape like a Reflexite V92 would be the closest match.  The image below shows our prismatic V92 tapes.  They are similar to DOT tapes but in different colors.

If you are wanting a bright tape but want to save a little money then our high intensity type 3 tapes below are very effective.  This type of tape is used for road barrels, traffic cones and barricade applications.  It reflects at about 250 candelas for the white.

Our least expensive reflective tape is our Engineer Grade type 1.  It is the most common reflective film.  It is used for road signs, fire engines, ambulances, etc..  It is also conformable so if you have some uneven surfaces this tape will mold and conform better than other films.  It is the same type of tape used on car tags.  White is the brightest followed by yellow.

For ultimate visibility day and night for the rear of your horse trailer you can use our fluorescent lime yellow and red V98 material.  We have it in shapes and also in rolls.  It is prismatic and very bright and is also conformable.  This is our top of the line film.  The blue, white, red and fluorescent lime yellow are pictured below.  Below that is a picture of our diagonals that can be used to form chevrons or basic diagonal striping down the side of the trailer.  This is very effective at getting attention day and night.  Fire departments use this type of tape on their vehicles.

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