Reflective Message / Word Panels for Work Utility Trucks and Vans

Reflective Message Panels – Available at our Online Store

In many situations, it is necessary to make a vehicle or trailer conspicuous and also convey a message.  In other words, sometimes the viewer needs more information about why they need to be cautious around the marked vehicle.  An example of this is a Wide Load sign or a Flammable decal.  The panels we sell come standard in a 6″ x 24″ size.  However, we can do almost any size you need and any message you desire.

The panels are made by overlaying red transparent letters over a prismatic fluorescent lime-yellow background.  The result is a very bright and rugged decal that is applied by simply peeling and sticking it onto a clean, dry surface.  Both the letters and background are highly reflective.  When you want to be seen day and night and also need to send other drivers a message then our reflective message panels are just what you need.

The message panels above and below are reflective and have the advantage of making a vehicle conspicuous and conveying a message.  Both the red letters and lime yellow background are reflective.