Reflective Tape for School Bus Marking FMVSS 131 217

FMVSS 131 & 217 School Bus Reflective Tape Requirements – Online Reflective Tape Store

school bus reflective tapeVirtually all states mandate reflective markings on school buses.  Regulations concerning reflective tape are normally found within the regulation that deals with the rest of the bus as well.  (ie exits, seats, seatbelts, fire extinguishers, etc.)

Marking generally involves 2 inch prismatic reflective striping in a school bus yellow color down sides of the vehicle.  Also, 1 inch striping around exits.  A summary of the federal exit marking regulation is below.

FMVSS 131 & FMVSS 217

School Bus Regulation:

Each opening for a required emergency exit shall be outlined around its outside perimeter with a retroreflective tape with a minimum width of 2.5 centimeters and either red, white, or yellow in color, that when tested under the conditions specified in S6.1 of Standard No. 131 (49 CFR 571.131), meets the criteria specified.

  • 1″ strip used to mark side emergency exit windows
  • 1″ strip used to mark back emergency exit windows

school bus back markings reflective tapeschool bus side marking reflective

Private buses are not as regulated as school buses.  However, the same type of markings are recommended especially if the bus transports children.

school bus yellow reflective tape