V82 Type 5 Retro Reflective Tape (ORALITE)

Oralite (Reflexite) V82 Type 5 Reflective Tape – Online Store

Oralite V82 is a 10 year prismatic tape that exceeds ASTM D4956 Type 5 standards.  Because the tape is a “Typed Tape” it can be used for sign sheeting and would be MUTCD compliant for most applications.  It is available in solid colors and also in alternating red and white. (DOT Tape) It is the brightest tape in the Oralite line.  It is the colored equivalent of Oralite’s SOLAS tape.  We carry standard yellow, schoolbus yellow, red, white/silver and two alternating red and white DOT tapes in the V82 line.

We carry two yellows in the V82 line. The one above is a #18 yellow and the one below is the school bus yellow. The school bus yellow has more gold in it.   The picture below also shows our V82 White/Silver which is the brightest of the V82 line.  It would be the closest tape to SOLAS.

The picture below shows our Red V82 tape. It is often used along with the #18 Yellow to create chevron striping on fire trucks and apparatus.

The image above is of our 1″ red and white (silver) DOT tapes in the 6/6 or 7/11 pattern.  We also carry 2″.

V82 tape (red & yellow) can be purchased at www.reflects-light.com or at www.colebrothers.com.

V82 DOT tape (white or red/white) can also be purchased at our main store in 1″ widths and 2″ widths in both white and alternating red/white.