Red and White (Silver) Alternating Retro Reflective Tape – Conspicuity

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Reflective tape comes in a variety of colors for a variety of different applications.  Some applications require the tape to be extra conspicuous. A dot regulated truck or a railroad crossing arm are examples of this.  Conspicuity tape is designed to be extra visible or “conspicuous” day and night through the use of alternating colors.  Red and White are used for most high visibility applications.  Orange and white are also used for construction work zones.  We will cover those tapes in another article.

The image above shows our main prismatic conspicuity tapes.  The 5 on the left are also known as DOT C2 reflective tape.  The tape on the right is for gate arms.  On the far left is our V52 Reflexite DOT tape with a diamond plate pattern built into it.  Next are our V92 Daybright DOT C2 tapes. The first if a 7/11 pattern and the second is a 6/6 pattern.  They are the most popular.  The two V82 rolls are similar to the V92 but brighter and rated for a 10 year outdoor life.  Again, the one on the left is a 7/11 pattern and the one on the right is a 6/6.  Finally, on the far right we have our RGA or Gate Arm Tape by Reflexite.  It is the exact same tape as the V82 DOT but with a 16/16 pattern.  This is compliant with the new MUTCD ruling for gate arms.  The Corp of Engineers has a similar regulation at the following link. The image below shows some close up shots of the tape.  At the bottom of this page is a video that demonstrates the tape in day and night conditions.

Another alternating red and white tape is called prestriped barricade tape.  It is used for applications like the end of a road or where roads are washed out.  The picture below shows this tape.

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