High Intensity Type 3 Reflective Tape Specifications – Honeycomb Pattern

High Intensity ASTM D4956 Type 3 Reflective Tape – Online Store

High Intensity Type 3 tape is available in 6 colors.  Orange, White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. We carry several widths such as 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, and 8″.  We can custom cut rolls when needed.

The picture below shows all the colors in natural light.

The picture below shows the tape when photographed with a flash.

High Intensity Type 3 tape is about 3 – 4 times brighter than standard engineer grade films. This makes it much more visible over distance and close up.  This type of tape is commonly seen on traffic cones, road barrels, work zone equipment, object markers, and brighter road signs.  Other uses are dumpsters, roll off containers, gates, fences, building corners, bollards and other applications where cars are close up when they need to see the tape.  For applications where cars need to see the tape from a distance I would recommend stepping up to a prismatic tape.  Chevron stripes on a fire truck are an example of this.

Because of its type 3 rating it is more widely approved by governmental agencies such as the Department of Transportation. When used for signage it is compliant for all signs except those that are overhead like the ones you see on interstates.  It exceeds the requirements for all ground mounted signs.

The chart below shows the reflectivity of the different colors at standard entrance and observation angles.  As you can see, white is the brightest followed by yellow, orange, red, green and blue.  For applications that you want to be extremely visible you can mix colors.  For example, alternating yellow and red or white and red is very effective.  Alternating colors have been shown to get peoples attention much more than single colors.

ASTM D 4956 Type III

250 170 45 20 100 45
150 100 25 11 60 25
95 62 15 7.5 30 15
65 45 10 5 25 10

The retroreflectivity of ULG sheeting meets or exceeds all retroreflective sheeting standards worldwide. Typical standards are listed in the tables below.