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Orange and White Alternating Striped Reflective Tape

Orange and White Prestriped Barricade Tape (see at our online store)

Orange and white striped reflective tapes are used primarily in work zones on roads and highways.   They are commonly seen on barricades.  They designate hazardous areas and signal drivers to use caution.  The orange and white alternating prestriped barricade tapes are available in three types or brightnesses and in two stripe widths.

The three types of tape are an engineer grade astm d4956 type 1 (above), super engineer grade type 2 (below) and a high intensity grade type 3 (last picture below).  Super engineer grade is about twice as bright as engineer grade and high intensity is twice again as bright or four times as bright as engineer grade.  The type of tape you need for  a work zone will depend on traffic speed and how close to traffic the work is being done.  The faster the traffic the brighter the tape needs to be.  You can consult the MUTCD guide for specific regulations.

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